Tutorial shows how to add page links to your Repeater control and make use of QueryString to move between pages. C# version.

The Repeater control is one of the most powerful controls in the ASP.NET toolbox. However, there is no built-in method of creating pages to display with it, like the GridView, for example. Building a pager for the Repeater control is possible in more than one ways, but if we use PostBack, then the result is not really SEO-friendly.

An alternative to using PostBack is to use a QueryString for the page numbers. This tutorial will show how we can do this, based upon data in the Repeater.
First, add the following assembly reference:

For this example, we use a sample database. Add the connection string in the Web.Config similar to the following:

Next, we add the following to the ASPX page (a Repeater) and a Label:

The code-behind should look something like this:

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